Leather care - your leather needs love


This classic material is timeless and designed to withstand a lot. While leather is famously durable, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need looking after. It’s important to remember that it can still dry, crack, stain and warp.
Some general rules - avoid rubbing, pinching, strong light, humidity or heat irradiation. These can damage the leather and the color.

If your leather gets wet, it should be put out to dry slowly at room temperature. Don’t rub it and don’t use a heat source to speed up the drying.

Each type of leather needs individual care depending on its characteristics. For YOUBAG’s Saffiano, Smooth and Grainy leathers, lightly sweep a slightly damp cloth over the surface area you want to clean. Our Vegetable Tanned leather and Mousse leather can be cleaned and moisturized with natural leather oils and leather fats.

Care products should always be tested first on a hidden area to establish its effects. We recommend saddle-soap or special leather treatments. Please contact us with any further queries: hello@youbag.com .

Look after your leather. When you do, it becomes more interesting and more beautiful over time, echoing its story, and yours.


Take care of your leather. If you do, it will become more interesting and beautiful over time and reflect his and her story.